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Training Acquired

Volunteer Responsibilities & PRC Aims For Youth
  • for the promotion of humanitarian principles and values
  • for efficient & effective Disaster preparedness & response
  • for improving Health & Care in the Community
  • to increase your self esteem by tapping into your talents and abilities
  • to improve your sense of belonging by interacting with people from all walks of life
  • to obtain professional training under the guidance of our staff
  • to obtain professional references from the leading Humanitarian organization in Pakistan
  • To empower the Youth of Pakistan with life skills that are essential for personal development and community welfare
  • To instil civic responsibility amongst the masses
  • To challenge stigmas & dogmatic traditions through introspection
  • To engage communities for welfare through community mobilization tools
Volunteer Benefits & Programs in PRC
  • Professional emergency response and disaster management trainings (free)
  • PRC Youth & Volunteer participation in International Forums & Trainings
  • Advocacy with National Voluntary Organizations
  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Promotion of peace & brotherhood
  • Youth as agents of behavioral change Module
  • Youth Camps
  • Ensure reduction measures on health, accident, emergencies and disasters
  • Promotion & educate others on safety & rescue in your area
  • Social links building with different cultures and people
I confirm that I am joining PRCS volunteer for purely humanitarian service and not for any personal gain or profit. I, as a member of the Red Cross Crescent Movement believe in the Seven Fundamental Principles of the Movement and assure to follow these during my duties. I also make myself available, whenever possible, for service to humanity and work with my best knowledge and capabilities to achieve the objectives of the organization.